MS appreciates you supporting your child's fundraising efforts in the MS Readathon. One of the most valuable things you can do is help them manage their fundraising.

Tips for Managing Fundraising

  • Make sure you talk to your child about who they'll be asking to sponsor them. MS stresses the importance of NEVER asking strangers for money.
  • Your child can be sponsored in a number of ways: some people will prefer making a flat donation, and others will sponsor an amount for time spent reading, or the number of items read. Either is okay.
  • If your child is not working online, and recording sponsors manually, make sure their records are up-to-date and have the names of all sponsors and the amount they have donated.
  • If someone has sponsored your child more than $2 you can ask them if they would like a receipt from your MS Readathon Receipt Book. You can request these online or by contacting the MS Readathon.
  • Talk to your child about where the collected money should be kept - make sure it's in a safe place.
  • Keep encouraging your child. Every dollar they collect, every book they read, makes a difference.